Happy New Year…Cheeseball

3 01 2013

Along with the black-eyed peas, cornbread and champagne the Cheeseball is a holiday tradition in our family. It had humble beginnings back in the late sixties when my dad decided to combine chopped pecans and several of the cheeses that were left over from the holiday baskets we had received into a ball. Served with Triscuits, it was a welcome addition to the New Year’s Day snacks. Over the years the Cheeseball evolved as Dad started making it (them) without gift basket cheeses but with various combinations of cheese, spices and the always present pecans. The Cheeseball started appearing at Christmas as well as New Year’s and eventually became his and Mom’s gift, along with a package of cocktail napkins and a spreader, to many of their friends over the years. Some of my friends have even received a Morris Nunley Cheeseball.

It is up to me now to carry the tradition of the Cheeseball into the future. So I consulted the recipe of sorts that Dad wrote down for me when Jim and I got married 31years ago and I made a Cheeseball to share with our new neighbors on New Year’s Day.

It was good but not the same as if Dad had made it. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it with practice.

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3 01 2013


4 01 2013


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